IN2 100% Whey Protein 2kg - Rich Chocolate + IN2 BCAA Watermelon + IN2 Glutamine

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  • IN2 100% Whey Protein - IN2 Whey Protein powder (2kg) made with advanced formula of 25g Premium Whey Protein with 5.5g of BCAA and 4g of Glutamine per serving(33g) making it the best whey protein supplement powder for muscle building.
  • Supports Muscle recovery and growth with its high BV, amino acid profile and quick absorption
  • Multiple Quality Whey Proteins with Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey protein Isolate
  • Great Tasting and Gluten Free
  • IN2 BCAA - IN2 BCAA has 5g of Branched chain amino acids that increase muscle mass, decrease muscle soreness and improves recovery.
  • Each Serving contains 1000mg of Electrolyte Blend that keeps you hydrated through heavy workouts.
  • IN2 Glutamine - IN2 Glutamine accelerates muscle recovery and gives you that extra time for workouts.
  • Enhance Muscle Growth.
  • Support Immune System Function.
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